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Knowledge management, community preparedness

By: David Baker

  11.00 AM 10 September, 2012

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The inaugural Former Captains Dinner and Living Legends Dinner held in June and July were outstanding successes and will become regular events in our regional calendar.

It's vital we embrace former captains and explore opportunities to retain their invaluable leadership skills and experience within other elements of our service.

An incredible 1,742 years of service to local communities was celebrated at our first Living Legends Dinner where I had the distinct pleasure of hosting stalwarts of our organisation. I was humbled to share a meal with such great people who have devoted a lifetime of service to CFA.

While CFA's strength relies on a ready volunteer workforce of committed and trained members, we appreciate the generosity of employers in releasing staff to attend to CFA business. Brigades also benefit from many community-based supporters who contribute significant funding and in kind assistance.

The first Eastern Metro Region (EMR) volunteer employer and brigade supporter recognition function is an excellent opportunity for CFA's senior leaders to recognise that support.

Each brigade will be asked to nominate one local CFA volunteer employer and one local business brigade supporter to be invited to attend the function in September 2012.

I am proud that 26 EMR volunteer and staff members attended the recent CFA State Community Engagement and Fire Awareness Forum at Creswick.

It's worth noting the specific efforts of some of our volunteer members who helped organise and presented at the forum: Nick Waldron, Fiona Sewell, Elissa Jans and April Himmelreich - excellent community safety champions!

Deputy Chief Officer Steve Warrington recently implored us all to focus as much effort on prevention and community preparedness as we do to response. To reinforce this, I recently discovered that according to the United Nations every dollar spent on disaster prevention saves up to $7 in response!

Local brigade delivery of the majority of CFA's community-based services (with regional team support) is the preferred model in the future and our manager of community safety and his team will soon release a three-year strategy describing how we can achieve this together.

Finally, thank you to our senior volunteer leaders in the region who recently responded to the new service delivery snapshot survey. There was a 72 per cent response rate and, overall, there was a healthy level of satisfaction with regional service support. However, there were a few areas of our service support to volunteers that we could focus on and enhance and the regional management team is currently reviewing the feedback and developing an action plan to improve those services.

I intend to conduct the survey regularly so we can track our level
of service delivery and make necessary adjustments to support our
volunteer leaders.

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