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Konongwootong Fire Brigade's 863 years of service

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Honours & Awards

  1.20 PM 30 November, 2016

Location: District 5 News

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Konongwootong Fire Brigade acknowledged the extended volunteer service of 22 members of the community at an awards ceremony at the Konongwootong Hall on Saturday 26 November. 

By Lynn Gunning

Konongwootong brigade is part of the Nareen Group in District 5.

Active Service Awards were presented to CFA members who had undertaken continuous active service, while recognition certificates were presented to those brigade members who had retired. Between them, the brigade members had amassed a staggering total of 863 years of fire protection to western Victoria.

Around 60 community members attended the ceremony that was conducted by Konongwootong Captain Rohan Gunning. The awards were presented by District 5 Operations Officer Andrew Barry and BASO Owen Roper.

Almost one quarter of the years of volunteer service came from three community stalwarts.

Peter Gunning and Ray Sutherland received Active Service Awards for 65 years of continuous service. Meanwhile, Ken Waters was acknowledged for 60 years of contributions to the community.

Multiple family members from four local families received awards.

Several of the longer-serving members noted the fire at Tarrayoukyan on 2 January 1956 that burned out Barrama was the worst they have attended during their involvement in the brigade.

The presentation was followed by a lunch in recognition of those who had volunteered.

Konongwootong Fire Brigade members and years of active service:

Peter Gunning: 65 Years Active Service Award   

Ray Sutherland: 65 Years Active Service Award

Kenneth Waters: 60 Years Active Service Award

Geoff Beaton: 50 Years Active Service Award

Roland Hope:  45 Years Active Service Award

Robert Plush: 45 Years Active Service Award

Ian Wall: 45 Years Active Service Award

Robin Cameron: 45 Years Active Service Award

Ian Sutherland: 40 Years Active Service Award

Steven Cooper: 35 Years Active Service Award

David Bunge: 30 Years Active Service Award

Mark Bunge: 30 Years Active Service Award

Warwick Brown: 25 Years Active Service Award

Ray Clay: 25 Years Active Service Award                

Helen Waters: 25 Years Active Service Award     

Stephen Waters: 25 Years Active Service Award

John Creasey: 20 Years Active Service Award

Dianne Creasey: 20 Years Active Service Award

Retired brigade members who were recognised with a certificate of appreciation:

Keith Bunge: 49 years of service

Peter Bunney:  46 years of service

Keith Beaton: 41 years of service

George Doyle: 32 years of service

Image captions:

Group photo: Front (left to right) - Peter Bunney, George Doyle, Roland Hope, Steve Cooper, Owen Roper (District 5 BASO), Rohan Gunning (Captain), Ray Sutherland, Peter Gunning, Ken Waters, Ray Clay, Helen Waters and Andrew Barry (District 5 Operations Officers).

Rear (left to right) – David Bunge, Mark Bunge, Stephen Waters, Harry Brown (representing Warwick Brown), Cecil Wall (representing Ian Wall) and Ian Sutherland.

Image 2: (left to right) Owen Roper, Ray Sutherland, Peter Gunning, Ken Waters and Andrew Barry. The three volunteers with a combined total of 190 years of continuous service proudly display their Active Service medals.

Image 3: Retired brigade members George Doyle and Peter Bunney pictured with their certificate of appreciation, presented by Konongwootong Captain Rohan Gunning and OO Andrew Barry.

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