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Kyneton brigade and ambo training

By: Josh Gamble

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  5.02 PM 23 July, 2013

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Monday evening at training, Kyneton brigade coordinated a joint training event with the local Kyneton Ambulance Victoria branch. After attending many incidents together over the past years, we decided it was finally time to get to know each other’s equipment and each other.

Over the course of the evening, the brigade demonstrated the Thermal Imaging Camera and how it would be used in a Search and Rescue scenario and also how it could be used in Motor Vehicle Collisions where a thermal footprint would be present.

A key to the session was the local Paramedics showing the brigade how we could be assistance to them by showing us locations of equipment in the ambulance and how to hold and maneuver equipment to best assist Paramedics. The team also went through the process of how to deal with Blood Contamination and the risks around patients.

Lt Josh Gamble said “It was great to have the local paramedics attend our station and personally go over how they want CFA to assist where assistance is required for lifts and in other emergency situations. We definitely in future need to get Police, CFA, VICSES and AV together and exercise more regularly with the local teams. This was we all know each other and know the capabilities of each team and be as interoperable as possible while knowing each teams strengths and limitations within Emergency Management”.

Thanks must be given to the local teams at the Kyneton Ambulance Branch for coming up in their spare time and presenting.  A great night was had by all.

Last Updated: 23 July 2013