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Kyneton Group Exercise

By: Anthony Stephens

Category: Operational Information, Training & Recruitment

  11.28 AM 6 December, 2012

Location: District 2 News

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The Kyneton Group of Brigades held its FDP preparation Group Exercise this week. The exercise targeted Officers and Crew Leaders from its brigades who may be 1st attack incident controllers and also invited representatives from the Metcalfe and Glenlyon groups to attend.
The focus of the exercise was on incident control in the first 30 minutes of a going fire on an elevated Fire Danger Rating day.
Using an Operational Pre-Plan developed by the Group on the township of Lauriston, participants were given a scenario around a fire threatening the township.  A Facilitated consideration and discussion of the scenario was held in the field which also included a briefing on the township planning and response factors, fuel, topography and critical infrastructure. A discussion on Kyneton Group planning and response arrangements, Transfer of Control and 1st attack Incident Control was also facilitated by Group Officer John PEARCE.
Group Officer PEARCE said: "we discussed the importance of giving full detailed SITREPS early when we have a fire that is "Not Yet Under Control". We want to ensure that factors such as fire behaviour, fuel, topography and people and assets that are under threat is communicated as soon as possible. We also want to ensure we set up sound fire ground communications and structure so that if the fire has potential there is a seamless transfer of control. We are also focussed on ensuring that we can get out warnings as early as possible. This is supported by the group who will have an elevated state of readiness as the the Fire Danger Rating increases"
"Our participants had some good discussions around the priorities of the crew leaders and incident controllers first on scene and how the State Controllers Intent translates into actions on the fire ground."
The exercise also gave participants the opportunity to meet others from adjoining groups and explored topics including:
  • Establishing effective command & control upon arrival
  • Effective communication with responders & to VICFIRE/RDO/Group
  • Communication of fire behaviour
  •  Incident Action Planning (Includes priorities, incident prediction, objectives etc)
  • Analysis of 1st attack success likelihood
  • Application of “State Controllers Intent”
  • Handover/transfer of control
  • Automatic Dispatch of Aircraft in District 2

Last Updated: 09 December 2012