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Ladder platform assists road rescue

  • Vehcile lodged in the creek
  • Ladder platform assisting to lift the patient to the road
  • High Angle rescue equipment and personnel were onscene, just in case the LP was unable to reach due to power lines
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham
  • MVA Princes Hwy Springvale - Keith Pakenham

By: Daryl Owen

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  2.39 PM 12 November, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Dandenong ladder platform helped the rescue of an injured passenger from a vehicle collision.

Shortly after 7:15pm on Friday 8 November 2013, Springvale and Dandeong Rescue were dispatched to a vehicle collision on Princes Highway, Springvale. The additional information provided was that the incident involved a single vehicle roll over and the car is now in a creek, and that two patients may have been ejected from the vehicle.


On arrival the emergency services located a single vehicle which had left the road, crashed through a fence, had struck steel communications conduits over a creek and landed against the wall of an underground drainage tunnel.

As the  vehicle had rolled, it struck the conduits with the roof of the vehicle crushing the roof down to the window sill, before rolling off and landing in the creek.

Incident controller Station Officer Matthew Jones also had to contend with a significant number of bystanders. Civilians were pulling up on the highway just to have a look. Even a taxi pulled up and parked, just to have a look, in front of Dandenong rescue just as it was being moved to allow a position for the ladder platform.

Two occupants had been ejected from the vehicle during the roll over and are lucky to be alive. They were transported to hospital in a stable condition.

CFA crews gained access to the creek embankment by cutting the locks on a gate to create an access path for paramedics.

Rescue Commander, Senior Station Officer Daryl Owen and Dandenong Rescue crews assisted paramedics with the stabilisation of the patient and then commenced the extrication from the vehicle.

Dandenong ladder platform was requested as this was the safest and easiest method to extricate the casualty from the creek area. LFF Alec Draffin and LFF Jason Halls paced out the area to ensure the cage would reach the creek area as it was approximately 12m horizontal and 4m below road level. 

The ladder platform cage was negotiated over a fence while maintaining a safe distance from overhead power lines.

The patient was placed onto a spine board, then into the Ferno Titan stretcher which locks into the cage of the Ladder Platform, allowing the patient to be raised to the road and a waiting ambulance.  The patient was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The use of the ladder platform in these situations removes the manual handling of a patient and is significantly safer for rescue crews, with the next safest option being to ustilise the steep angle rope rescue equipment. The specialist equipment improves the safety to firefighters, paramedics and rescue crews, rather than risk manual handling.

Additional images & video by Keith Pakenham

Last Updated: 14 November 2013