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Langwarrin's real-life scenario

  • 'Andersons' Training Night
  • 'Andersons' Training Night

By: Karen Wands

Category: Training & Recruitment

  2.02 PM 5 May, 2016

Location: District 8 News

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Langwarrin Fire Brigade recently held its bi-yearly breathing apparatus (BA) training session.

In an endeavour to find a more suitable place to train that simulates a real-life scenario, the brigade asked Andersons Storage and Removals in Langwarrin, who were more than willing to make their large industrial warehouse available.

The training team decided the scenario would be a large carbon dioxide leak from a container with multiple employees not accounted for.

A BA control point was set up to make the training more realistic and members acted in the roles of incident controller, safety officers, etc.

What the members didn’t know was that in the back of the warehouse there was a locked vehicle with an ‘unconscious’ person inside. The Langwarrin Rescue Team had to work out how to perform the extraction using the portable rescue gear, while wearing their BA and with restricted vision.

Over 18 brigade members were put through their skills maintenance session and all members felt they gained valuable experience from the night’s training.

Well done to all participants for the high level of enthusiasm displayed and the positive approach to the training.

The Langwarrin Fire Brigade is very grateful to Andersons Storage and Removals for allowing the brigade to use their premises to maintain our skills for the community that we serve.

Last Updated: 06 May 2016