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Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL Week 4

By: Connor Ingram

Category: Community Safety, Partnerships

  1.57 PM 20 August, 2013

Location: District 7 News

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It was time to show the parents what the students had learnt. Week four and the final of this year’s Lara CFA/Nelson Park PAL program was upon everyone. It was time to go out in style!

This final week was all about putting the skills and lessons learnt into practice using live fire and props.

The day started with a fire call for the Lara crew so off they went leaving the other instructors and fire fighters to set up and begin the lessons of the day.

First up: Welcoming the students’ parents and the assistant principal. This was also a good opportunity to introduce the new instructors and firefighters (Ian and Brian), Gerry the D7 Operations Manager, who had made time to come and view the program, was also introduced to the students 

Second: The safety rules of working with live fire. Captain Fred explained the “Danger Area” and what the students were expected to do. As it was a windy morning this was very important and the students paid close attention.

And then it was time...

As you can see from the photos below the activities covered lessons and skills from weeks 2 and 3. The goal was team work and showing off newly learnt skills. I believe the students did exactly that. They worked well together, reinforcing each other and demonstrating their talents. The parents were impressed to see their children in action and some even put their hands up to volunteer themselves to have a go.

Once all activities were complete and the students were worn out it was time for presentations and lunch.

Gerry welcomed all the students as fellow fire fighters and honorary members of the Lara Fire Brigade. It was revealed that several students (and parents!) had interest in joining their local brigades. This demonstrates the impact programs like this have on the students and the overall

Even if these students don’t take further interest in the CFA they have at least come away with skills that could potentially save their lives or the lives of others. In saying this, it has been reinforced every week that they should not put themselves or others in danger and to ALWAYS call 000 in the event of a fire situation.

I have been amazed at the transformation these students go through in a mere 4 weeks. To believe that these quiet, reserved teens from week one can become such confident and engaged young adults in such a short space of time, can only be seen to be believed. It is programs like this that encourage our future generations to take interest in volunteer efforts and spread the word of all the good work that the CFA does.

It teaches others that despite having an additional need these children, teens, young adults and adults are just like everyone else, with interests similar to ours and need to be treated accordingly. Programs like this teach these students that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it and we should all support them to make their dreams a reality.

A big congratulations go to the Lara CFA team and the people who put the program together. It really is worthwhile to see these students grow and achieve so much. Well done everyone!

Last Updated: 20 August 2013