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By: Lex De Man

  11.00 AM 26 November, 2012

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One of the most valuable activities I do is to get out and about to the wider CFA as much as time permits. In the past couple of weeks I have visited Horsham Fire Station along with members of the CFA Board and the Executive Leadership Team. There we were hosted by Regional Director Don Kelly at a BBQ and had the opportunity to discuss a number of issues with local Volunteer Leaders from the Grampians Region. Along with the Chief Officer I also attended a VFBV forum at Tawonga in District 24. At Tawonga I had the opportunity to meet local Volunteers and participate in a Q&A. This past week I have been fortunate to have visited Rosebud and Corio Fire Stations and hear of the great work our staff and volunteers at those Brigades are doing within their communities. I find these visits are the best way to gain ‘ground truth' of what's happening in Brigades, and hear first-hand from members; their concerns, ideas, and feedback about the many CFA initiatives and programs that we are introducing and developing, some of which are mentioned further in this newsletter.

I also had the opportunity to attend a Barwon South West HQ morning tea where I was able to present an Executive Director's award to Nicki Habibis for the development of an induction manual for new Volunteers commencing minimum skills training. As many of you would be aware, Nicky was unable to attend the evening dinner at the Training Conference in October to receive the award. I would like to congratulate Nicki on her outstanding work with regard to recruit training within the BSW Region.

In Melbourne, I attended a presentation of Service Awards to staff at Bangholme Training College. I made presentations to the following staff
Brad Trewavis 5 Year certificate, Libby Aulich - 5 Years certificate, Tiffany Jencke - 10 Years, Odile Ekanayake - 15 Years, Peter Collins - 30 Years. Congratulations to all on their service.

Jones Inquiry Implementation Plan
The Jones Inquiry Joint Implementation Action Plan, coordinated and developed by OT&V in consultation with VFBV has now been released. The full plan is available to view on CFA's intranet or linked from the CFA Webpage. (Note, you will be prompted to log into the intranet first.) In OT&V we have already achieved a range of milestone activities and strategies including:
• Simplified brigade transfer process
• Published training materials online
• Release of Webtrain
• Etc..
Work is also progressing on the introduction or revision Volunteer Support Programs and activities. Most of these reflect the recommendations from the Jones Inquiry.
In future you will be able to monitor and provide feedback on the activity of all the various programs that stem from the CFA's Jones Inquiry Implementation plan with quarterly updates featuring on the CFA Webpage.
Field Training Grounds
We remain on track for the transition of the Field Training Grounds from Regional management to OT&V. The formal cut over is the 3rd of December. At that point all FTG staff will come under the management of OT&V. The full transition will continue to be phased in over the first half of 2013. The key areas of focus under OT&V will include: a review and update of OHS practices and procedures; the introduction of standardised environmental management plans and systems; and enhanced asset management and replacement plans to ensure long term sustainability of the facilities.
Further news on the transition will follow in coming weeks.

Work is progressing on the establishment of a new green-fields training campus at Mildura to service CFA's Loddon Mallee Region. This includes a land survey, environmental site investigation and geotechnical investigations. My thanks to Regional Director Pat O'Brien, and his team in Loddon Mallee Region, who have been working hard on this initiative.

Operational Training Discussion Paper
The feedback on the Training Discussion paper finished earlier this month. Responses were received from individual members, Brigades, Groups, Regional and District Training Committees. Since then we have been doing analysis of the comments that came back from the field. We are now in the process of developing the actual Strategy for release in the early stage of 2013.

Operational Role Progression Pathway Map
I am pleased to note too that there has been more progress on the development of an ‘Operational Role Progression Pathway Map'. This will inform members about all the positions that are potentially open to them when looking to widen their operational experience/knowledge. This is yet another piece of work that applies to the implementation of recommendation from the Jones Report.

Following the completion of this product, we will begin work on developing a ‘Learning Pathway Map' which will identify the specific training steps required to achieve their selected roles.

Fixed Training Infrastructure

In recent weeks, we have done some further consultation about the training ground infrastructure plans with Regions and we are now proceeding with lodging relevant planning permits with local councils. Following this process we will call tenders for the construction of the facilities which will include new classrooms, ablutions blocks, and changing areas.

The Mobile Training Props continue to go through testing and preparation before sending them out for evaluation and full introduction into service in 2013.

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