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By: Lex De Man

  11.00 AM 3 September, 2012

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OT&V Training Conference

Our second annual OT&V Training Team Conference begins tomorrow in Creswick with the theme this year - ‘Working as one for the future'.

The conference will have four key objectives based around our current and future direction and strategy; as well as sharing best practices and innovation in training. A key objective is to continue to build a unified statewide training team.

The two day program will focus on updating you on the progress of the outcomes from the 2011Training Team Conference along with building your understanding and commitment to the current and future directions of operational training within CFA. There will be opportunities for all OT&V participants to contribute to what we think will be both an informative and thought provoking program. A range of speakers will attend including Chief Officer Euan Ferguson and CEO Mick Bourke.

This year we will again conduct a panel session with a question and answer session.
We have also arranged for the conference to be recorded, so others will be able to view the key sessions on line as soon as we can arrange.

National Emergency Medal (NEM)
A presentation of 27 National Emergency Medals will be held at a function next Sunday 9th September at Whittlesea Fire Station. These medals are the first of many which are anticipated to be awarded.

These medals are being presented to recipients By Chairman Kerry Murphy and Chief Officer Euan Ferguson. Following a request for nominations to CFA Brigades, Groups, Districts, Regions and Directorates, we have received in excess of 4,500 nominations. These nominations are currently being prepared for submission to the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat. The awarding of the medals will be provisional on approval from the Australian Honours & Awards Secretariat.

On advice from the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, it is anticipated that the arrival of these National Emergency Medals will occur during 2013.

CFA Operational Training Discussion Paper
The closure date for feedback on the Operational Training Discussion paper has been extended until 2 November.

I am pleased to report that to date we have had a good number of responses from members' right around the state. We also expect that there will be several Group or committee responses in the weeks ahead. The vast majority of responses have been constructive, and some with practical suggestions or recommendations.
We are classing the responses in several categories including, leadership, training priorities, how we train, facilities and equipment, flexible learning, consistency, and general comments..

Fixed Training Infrastructure Project
Mobile Props

Those that are attending the Training Conference this week will be able to inspect the mobile training props. BullEx, the manufacturer of the units, will site and demonstrate the three props outside the conference centre at Creswick.
Over the last 3 months, the mobile prop prototypes have undergone extensive safety and operational testing. In addition management and maintenance processes have been developed to support the use of these props. CFA will take ownership of the prototypes once the safety certifications are all completed.

Fixed Training Infrastructure
Preliminary drawings for upgrades to Huntly, Penshurst, Wangaratta, West Sale and
Longerenong field training grounds have been prepared and are being costed at present. This process should be completed within the next week. Once the plans and costs are endorsed by the Steering Committee, we will proceed with obtaining relevant permits and the preparation of detailed drawings with the view to commencing works on
site this financial year. In addition, an engineer has been engaged to commence more detailed planning of the proposed driver training tracks.

On a final note, I want to acknowledge the excellent job done by, Project Manager; Training Infrastructure Naomi in the past 12 months. Unfortunately we are losing Naomi who is going off to work for an on-line company OfficeMax an offer no sane person could refuse. We wish Naomi all the very best in her new role.

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