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Laucke Flour Mill training exercise

By: Melissa Dole

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  2.25 PM 25 September, 2014

Location: District 20 News

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A major 21 September training exercise run at the newly-commissioned Laucke Flour Mill in Bridgewater involved approximately 45 volunteers and career firefighters from Bendigo.

Firefighters from Bridgewater, Inglewood, Marong and Bendigo Fire Station spent the morning familiarising themselves with the facility and testing their skills. A specialist ladder platform designed to combat multi-storey fires was included to further enhance the training.

The Laucke Flour Mill employs a large number of locals including CFA volunteers.

The mill has operated at the site for over 130 years and has significant historical value as the only functional water-driven mill in the southern hemisphere. It uses many high-tech systems to produce the highest-quality produce, and incorporates a state-of-the-art fire monitoring system for early detection.

CFA volunteers are committed to improving their skills and knowledge in order to provide the best possible fire service. This drill enhanced local knowledge of the premises and tested local firefighting skills.

“The most important part of our response is in preparation,” said Operations Officer Bryan Suckling. “If our brigades have trained appropriately and considered every aspect of the risk within their response area, they are more likely to have a successful outcome when a fire or incident occurs.

“When the community is dedicated to working with us, we can significantly reduce the number of preventable fires.”

Last Updated: 25 September 2014