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Launch of the 'CFA Brigade Trader' Facebook Group

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By: Lisa

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  11.11 AM 19 December, 2016

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The Volunteer Sustainability Team is about to launch a Facebook Group titled ‘CFA Brigade Trader’.

This is an initiative developed by Andrew Bartels in South East Region, after identifying a need for brigades to have a forum where they can swap, give away or trade excess items between them across the state.

Brigades can share resources and recycle items no longer needed, which will build capacity through supporting each other, strengthen relationships and establish a network throughout brigades across Victoria. Examples could include whiteboards, chairs etc.

Think about items that could be cluttering up your comms rooms or passage ways and identify anything that you no longer require or have a need for. Upload the picture of the item to the page and provide a brief and accurate description, inclusive of condition & measurements. The Brigades that are in the Facebook Group will have access to viewing the items listed/advertised and will have the opportunity to put their expression of interest on the items listed.

Strong guidelines and procedures have been established and can be viewed on the Facebook Goroups page. Click here or search CFA Brigade Trader on Facebook and request to join the group. Please forward your items for trade to the Facebook Group to get this great initiative up and running!

Any further information that you require can be directed to Lisa Peters This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 22 December 2016