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Leadership opportunity in BSW

*Story by Jenna McMeel*

Barwon South West’s (BSW) Community Development Coordinator, Sharon Linke, has successfully secured a place in the 2013 Leadership Great South Coast (LGSC) program. 

Now in its second year, LGSC provides an annual community leadership program for aspiring and emerging leaders, drawn from all sectors of the Great South Coast region.

The program aims to build relationships between the business, community and government sectors.  Sharon is looking forward to networking with participants from the three sectors and benefitting from a variety of perspectives, as they consider the nature of leadership and the future of local communities and the economy.

Sharon is grateful for the encouragement and support by BSW’s People & Culture manager, Julie Winzar, to follow through with the selection process. 

“I looked at the program 12 months ago and thought, wow, this is something I would love to be involved with, but the dates for the 2012 workshops didn’t suit my busy calendar,” she said.

“An email and phone call from Julie was all I needed to make me seriously consider filling out an application to be part of the 2013 group, which was followed up by an interview.”

The 2013 program was launched in Warrnambool on 1 Feb, and involves 14 workshops to be held over the year.  Topics will include workforce development, economy, communication, strategy, ethics, and tourism.  Speakers at the workshops include leaders at a local, state and national level. 

Participants are provided with real life examples of change, and will gain an understanding of leadership in difficult and challenging times, to assist in the development of their respective leadership journeys. LGSC also aims to establish a regional leadership network.

“Besides strengthening my own leadership skills through the LGSC program, I hope to encourage others in CFA and communities to build on their ability to deal with change and challenges,” she said.

Last Updated: 08 February 2013