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Let's focus on the future

By: John Peberdy

  6.11 PM 2 September, 2015

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This week we received the news Claire Higgins had resigned as Chair of CFA's Board.

Claire provided strong leadership in the role and I thank her for her significant contribution to the organisation.

While I'm honoured and excited to take on the Acting Chair role, I understand the disappointment and further uncertainty some of you felt at this latest news.

As an organisation, we are searching for a new Chief Officer and CEO, continuing consultation over our proposed structural changes, while at the same time providing feedback to the State Government on its Fire Services Review.

These are challenges that we will face and I know as an organisation we will adapt and become stronger for it.

The Board is focused on ensuring our people are supported so they can focus on our mission – to protect lives and property.

I've been with CFA since 2009 and together we have worked through many challenges, especially post Black Saturday and the Bushfire Royal Commission.

We are an outstanding emergency service organisation with a proud and long history. We are stronger when we work together for the benefit of all Victorians.

As we head towards our fire season, let's focus on what we do best and support each other in the process.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015