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Lightning fires in West Vic

  • Casterton Penola Rd -15km from fire

Issued by CFA & DSE - 9.25pm. Residents in Victoria’s Wimmera and Southwest are asked to remain vigilant, as a storm front coming through brings lightning, high winds and with it a risk of fires starting.

CFA and DSE are currently responding to twelve fires caused by lightning strikes. No properties are currently under threat.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the storm change coming through from South Australia will also bring little rainfall and strong winds can be expected.

Lightning is expected to diminish as the night progresses, however given the current warm air, the potential for fires to start is real.

A cooler wind change is expected to move across the west of Victoria overnight and early into the morning.

Not all lightning strikes result in fires; however we ask that residents only report a visible fire that has started to ensure emergency services resources are used effectively.

CFA and DSE crews are responding to seven fires in the Wimmera (Little Desert area), and five fires in the state’s far south west (Casterton, Lake Mundi, Dergholm areas).

For more detailed information about specific warnings and advice messages please visit CFA’s website:

Last Updated: 21 November 2012