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Little River bulk water tanker

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By: Simon Thomson

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  3.20 PM 13 October, 2014

Location: District 7 News

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Brigade incentive for additional water to support firefighting this year, but needs your help.

The Little River brigade is a volunteer brigade. It celebrated its 75th anniversary in November 2012, and is one of the busiest volunteer brigades in District 7 with around 70 turnouts a year.

One of the difficulties the brigade has faced regularly over the last few years is the shortage of available water sources for firefighting. This is particularly a problem north of the township and out to the developing areas on the west side of Werribee. These are areas to which the brigade has been regularly called for firefighting over the last several years.

As a solution to the problem of water shortage, the brigade decided to buy a bulk water carrier truck specifically for the purpose of making available water for refilling tankers especially during the initial stages of a firefight. The brigade has two tankers each with a water capacity of around 3,000 litres. Needless to say, they arrive on scene fully laden. Often there is some delay before other brigades arrive on scene in support.

The brigade's proposal is to have a water tanker dedicated for refilling purposes only. A truck with a water capacity of 14,000 litres - 18,000 litres is regarded as ideal. This would permit each tanker to be re-filled up to three times without having to travel any significant distance from the firefront. This would be very helpful in bringing a fire under control in the early stages.

The brigade bought a suitable secondhand truck - a heavy rigid bogie drive International Acco ex fuel delivery truck.  Brigade volunteers and Captain Terry Hedt’s business Hedt Engineering are busy completing the refurbishment, painting and fitting of the truck for CFA usage. Once complete the tanker will carry about 15,000 litres of water.

The purchase is to be funded by a mix of local support, Brigade funds and the Wyndham City Council. The Bank of Melbourne Local Project funding would ensure that the Brigade has this facility ready for use by December 2014. We have also received significant support from the Country Fire Authority and District 7.

The brigade has entered a competition, organised by the Herald Sun and the Bank of Melbourne, where a grant of $10,000 will be provided to the community project that receives the highest number of votes from the public. The category the brigade has entered is the environmental category.

We are seeking your support simply by going to the website and voting for the brigade. Also, please feel free to share the link among your family and friends. Your vote will make a real contribution to fire safety in rural Victoria this year.

If we are successful, the water tanker would be completed and ready for the 2014-2015 fire season which is shaping up as a busy and dangerous time.

Last Updated: 13 October 2014