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Live testing of warning system

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  10.28 AM 8 November, 2013

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Victoria's fire agencies will test the state's integrated warning system for the 2013-14 fire season on Friday 8 November. [UPDATE 1.30PM: Testing is now finished for today.]

[Fire Services Commissioner media release]

Users of the CFA website, and some users of the current FireReady app, will see clearly marked “Test” warnings throughout the day.

Friday’s testing is a deliberate and controlled exercise to review the warning processes from the point they are issued to their receipt by the community.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the process will thoroughly test Victoria’s integrated warning system.

“Victoria’s warning system is tested each year prior to the summer season,” he said.

“The emergency services provide information and warnings to the community through a number of channels including emergency broadcasters, websites, the app and the Victorian Bushfire Information Line.”

Mr Lapsley said Friday’s exercise will simulate warnings to ensure the system works effectively and any technical issues can be identified and worked through.

The test will display information to the CFA website, CFA Facebook and twitter, and provide a notification to some users of the current FireReady app.

As part of the test, Victoria’s agencies will choose to target a rural, relatively isolated area in North West Victoria to minimise the chances of people receiving a test message through the current FireReady app.

However, Mr Lapsley stressed the notification will clearly outline that it is a TEST ONLY.

“People who receive the test message do not have to take action. If there is an emergency, a message will be branded accordingly.” he said.

For more information about the tests, visit the CFA website at

Last Updated: 08 November 2013