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Loch Brigade attends 'high rise'

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By: Brett Hume

Category: Incidents - Structure

  10.17 AM 2 March, 2013

Location: District 9 News

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On Friday 1 March at 0829 the Loch Brigade received a fire call for a factory fire, McDonalds Track, Nyora.

Tanker 1, from the Nyora satellite station with a crew of 3 was first on scene and were confronted with a fire on a gantry some 15 metres high, another fire at the base of the gantry and further fires on the roof and inside the attached building which was some 40 X 60 metres and 6 stories high.

On scene was the Loch captain who is also an employee of the company which is a sand mining and mineral sands processing facility.

The fire involved a horizontal and vertical sand conveyor system, electrical cabling, sky lights and associated fibre glass roofing material.

Tanker 1 was positioned to enable it's deck mounted monitor to be directed onto the fire on level 6 as well as containing the fires on the roof and the at the base of the structure. Company staff were also assisting with the control of the fire at the base of the gantry.

A 64mm feed line was established to the tanker from the very effective (1600kpa) internal ring mains to support both the monitor and further fire fighting efforts.

An internal investigation revealled that a number of secondary fires were burning on levels 4, 5 & 6  well as the roof of the main building. These fires appeared to be from the melting/burning roof sky lights and were not causing any great concerns other than possibly damaging a gas fired sand drying barrel system on level 4.

A 38mm hose line was hauled aloft enabling fire fighters to extinguish the internal fires and the sky light panels on the roof. As a precaution gas to the sand dryer was isolated at the device. The main gas and electricity supplies had automatically shut down as part of Sthe companies emergency procedures.

Inside the building smoke and heat were not a problem as the burnt/damaged roof skylights had allowed natural venting of the fire affected area.

Within an hour all fires were extinguished and engineers from the plant were able to inspect the fire damaged areas and open hatches enabliing fire fighters to ensure that there were no further fires within the enclosed conveyor system.

The origin of the fire is being investigated with an electrical surge/fault being a possible cause.

CFA crews in attendance were from Loch (Tankers 1 & 2), Poowong (Tanker and Ultra Light) plus Lang Lang and Kernot tankers from Region 8.

Last Updated: 08 March 2013