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By: chris maries

Category: Community Safety

  5.18 PM 1 January, 2016

Location: General

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I am looking for some answers from the community to questions that I cannot answer.

On what day of the year should we allow drivers to ignore the road safety rules and do whatever they want with their vehicles regardless of the danger to us and our families?

On what day of the year should we allow vandalism by graffiti to all the shops, signs and public buildings in the area regardless of the cost to us, the community?

On what day of the year should we allow adults to give alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to our kids regardless of the immediate or long-term effect on health?

On what day of the year will we take responsibility for our actions and all that goes wrong as a result to allow all the emergency services a day off?

I can only assume that those who turn a blind eye to illegal fireworks and even laud them have never tried to resuscitate a person with severe smoke inhalation; have never had to provide first-aid to someone with serious burns; have never had to console someone who has lost a house and everything in it; have never had to chase a grassfire that threatens lives, property and livelihoods; have never searched for deceased people who have been burnt beyond recognition and hardly resemble a human form.

By condoning illegal fireworks whether directly by openly welcoming them, or indirectly by expressing appreciation, you not only encourage their further use but you put yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors and the whole community at risk.

If you are not prepared to get on a fire truck and deal with the horror we deal with, the least you can do is stop supporting criminals and start fighting for a safer community!

Chris Maries, Captain, Doreen CFA

Last Updated: 04 January 2016