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Lowan Group - 396 years of CFA service recognised

By: Brooke O'Connor

Category: Honours & Awards

  12.38 PM 22 April, 2015

Location: District 17 News

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Lowan Group held a presentation evening on Wednesday 15 April to recognise the valuable contributions made by their dedicated volunteers, over 396 years of service in total.

Assistant Chief Officer West Region Peter O'Keefe presented the awards. The following service awards were presented:

Jo Ussing- 10 year award

Craig Deckert- 25 year award

Tim Nottle- 25 year award

Trevor Koop- CFA Life Member 35 year award (absent)

Eril Field- CFA Life Member 35 year award

John Bone- CFA Life Member 45 year award

Bruce Beattie- CFA Life Member 50 year award

Terry Miller- CFA Life Member 55 year award

Len Creek- CFA Life Member 60 year award

Rex Bunge- CFA Life Member 60 year award

Peter Duperouzel was presented with a certificate from the Lowan Group for his outstanding service to Nhill & district.

At the conclusion of the CFA long service awards we had the great privilege of seeing some of our members recognised for their diligent long service to the Lowan Group and surrounding communities through the presentation of National Medals. Volunteers presented with National Medals included:

Craig Deckert- National Medal 1st clasp

Tim Nottle- National Medal 1st clasp

Trevor Schwarz- National Medal 1st clasp

Rex Bunge- 4th clasp (previosuly awarded National Medal)

Len Creek- 4th clasp (previosuly awarded National Medal)

Terry Miller- National Medal 4th clasp

Alf Sanders- 4th clasp (previosuly awarded National Medal)

Paddy Field- National Medal- 4th clasp

Paddy Field was then awarded the very prestigious Lowan Group VFBV Life Membership and a touching tribute was made to Paddy and Eril Field who have a combined service to the CFA community of over 100 years.

Congratulations to all Lowan Group members.


Last Updated: 22 April 2015