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Lyndhurst fire closes railway

By: CFA Media

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  7.36 PM 31 January, 2017

Location: District 8 News

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CFA firefighters responded to a grassfire just before midday today, Tuesday 31 January, at Boland Drive in Lyndhurst.

Incident Controller CFA Operations Officer Paul Summons said the location of the fire was challenging for ground crews to access so air support was called in to assist.

“Access to one side of the fire was prevented by a passenger train line. If the fire had jumped the train line it would have been even more of a complex fire to control,” he said.

“CFA and Forest Fire Management Victoria crews did a fantastic job of controlling the fire just ahead of the train line.”

Mr Summons said a spectator attempted to operate a drone over the fire which was extremely dangerous behaviour.

“Drones can interfere with aerial firefighting efforts and if you’re using a drone over a fire then you prevent us from using firefighting aircraft,” he said.

“If we don’t have a clear air space aircraft will be grounded. In a bushfire, this could mean taking an aircraft out of action when it is most needed.

“We really need your help to ensure that drones aren’t flown during fires.”

The fire was called under control around 1.30pm. It was around 200 x 200 metres.

The railway line between Lynbrook and Merinda Park was closed for a short time. 

The cause of the fire will be investigated.

Last Updated: 03 February 2017