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Make Tankers 10

  • Boorhaman Brigade 1st Fire Truck Prefect Ute

By: Craig Grant

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  3.50 PM 8 September, 2014

Location: District 23 News, District 24 News

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Make Tankers 10, a history of the Wangaratta Fire Brigades, is a book being compiled by a small committee of CFA members, which will reflect on the history of the Wangaratta Group's formation and major events.

The title, Make Tankers 10, was drawn from a call made by the first responding tanker who is the original incident controller or Group Officer to ‘make up tankers’ from within the 16 strong brigade group to respond to a fire. The more tankers, the bigger the fire.

The book unpacks the events leading up the formation of the Wangaratta Group and acknowledges the significant contribution of CFA members and their forefathers.  

A timeline that goes back as far back as 1876, reflecting on major events, photographs of historical significance and factual and anecdotal stories about the blazes fought to protect the life and assets of our local community.

The front of the book, The Early Years, will be a dedication to the formation of the Wangaratta Group and its brave brigade volunteers who fought for unity.

Each of the 16 Wangaratta Group brigades will have a number of pages dedicated to their own history, significant events and how these impacted on their local community.

The back of the book will display a names register of all the office bearers of the Wangaratta Group and its member brigades.

Members of the community are encouraged to contact the CFA committee if they have family information or photographs of significance they would like considered for inclusion in the book.

The book is planned to be published and released by December 2015. 

Pre-release orders can be placed by contacting CFA on (03) 5720 2335.

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