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Arthurs Creek Grass & Scrub Fire Make Tankers Ten

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By: Robert Bury

Category: Incidents - Bushfire

  8.35 AM 27 December, 2016

Location: District 14 News, General

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After a pleasant Christmas Day with family and friends the last thing on our minds was the pager springing to life at 3.42am Boxing Day morning.

The information provided was a undefined fire in a general location in Arthurs Creek.

En route we could see a glow in the distance still not quite sure what it was or the best way to access the location.

Then over the radio from Arthurs Creek Captain "Make tankers ten" confirmed to us it was indeed an active grass and scrub fire.

Arriving on scene we were directed to attack the head of the fire

A stiff wind was pushing the fire along through the scrubby grass land threatening a Farm House.

A combined effort by the tankers on scene under the control of Arthurs Creek Captain managed to control the spread.

The next task was blacking out made more difficult by a strengthening wind.

A further complication was the many cowpats that had to be individually broken up and extinguished.

Thank you to all those who made the effort to respond to what certainly had the potential to be a much larger event given the conditions.

Units on scene included:

Arthurs Creek Tanker 1
Arthurs Creek Tanker 2
Arthurs Creek Tanker 3
Arthurs Creek FCV
Doreen Tanker 1
Doreen Ultra Light
Mernda Tanker 2
Hurstbridge Tanker 1
Plenty Tanker 1
Yarrambat Tanker 1
South Morang Tanker 1
Whittlesea Tanker 1
Plenty FCV
South Morang FCV

Another great outcome for CFA firefighters.


Last Updated: 28 December 2016