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Male Health – what’s going on 1

By: Michele Konheiser

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  1.06 PM 23 November, 2012

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As a representative of CFA, I attended the inaugural Male Health Victoria (‘MHV’) Gathering this month which coincided with International Men’s Day on the 19th November 2012. The patron of MHV is Professor David de Kretser AC who is the former patron of CFA and Governor of Victoria.

A variety of topics were presented at the Gathering. These will be communicated in separate articles;

Men’s Reproductive Health – Prof David de Kretser AC

In 2000, Prof de Kretser initiated a highly successful program of community and professional education in male reproductive health called Andrology Australia. They have some great free resources relating to male reproductive health. Visit the website or phone 1300 303 878 for free resources.

Key points of presentation about research

  • There is a connection between low testosterone and the development of type 2 diabetes
  • There is a connection between impotence and heart attacks and stroke
  • There is a link between sexual dysfunction and substance abuse e.g drugs, alcohol
  • Only 30 per cent of  males suffering from sexual dysfunction had spoken with their GP
  • A sexual dysfunction issue is a warnings that health issues may exist
  • Speak to your GP or find a GP with whom to discuss these issues

Males transitioning through life stages – Paul Henley, Director Pathways Foundation

The Pathways Foundation is a National harm prevention charity that assists young people make the fundamental emotional shift from being a child to becoming a young adult. The way Pathways does this is by providing contemporary; community based Rites of Passage for boys 13-15 yo. – Pathways to Manhood and for girls 12-15 yo. – Pathways into Womanhood. Camps are run in Victoria and other states. Visit the website or call 1300 850 766.

Key points

  • The shift from boy psychology to healthy man psychology does not occur naturally.
  • Failure to transition during early teenage years can result in grown men maintaining boy psychology thinking.

Boy psychology                                              Healthy Male Psychology

seeking acknowledgement                          I have a mission

power is for me                                               power is for sharing

centre of the universe                                     I am part of the universe

I will live forever                                                I am mortal

ruled by emotions                                           stand with emotions

No responsibility for actions                          full responsibility for actions

I want to be mothered                                     Seeks respectful relationship with females

  • What are the benefits of participation in the program for teenage boys?
  1. More confident communication and social skills
  2. Stronger, more respectful and supportive father relationships
  3. Increased respect for women
  4. More motivated to set goals and finish school
  5. More motivated to give back to the community
Last Updated: 23 November 2012