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Malmsbury pre-planning for new justice centre

Malmsbury Fire Brigade has been busy planning for the opening of the new Youth Justice Facility at Malmsbury.

The new facility, which will house an additional 45 clients, is maximum security and also includes an administration building, learning centre including woodworking kitchen and classrooms and a gymnasium.

The centre also includes the latest fire detection and suppression equipment to keep both clients and staff safe. This includes very early smoke detection systems, specially designed sprinkler system suited to a Justice Centre environment and fire resistant materials in the units.

The Brigade was involved through the design and build phase of the project which enabled them to both see the detail of the construction and the materials used. This has helped them to prepare plans for a number of different fires and incidents.

Malmsbury Fire Brigade 1st Lieutenant Tony Stephens says, "The Centres project staff and management have been great. They engaged with us early and we had input into some of the design elements that would help us if we respond to incidents at the centre. This includes putting in a strengthened internal path that enables us to bring in a large heavy pumper or ladder platform if we need to.

"They also included two large water storage tanks used solely for fire fighting that hold over 360,000 litres of water. They included fittings so we could use the water for other fires that may impact the town. It gives us a large water supply independent of the town water supply which is great."

Brigades that would normally respond to alarms, fires or incidents at the centre have had six opportunities to tour the facility and this culminated with a walk through and testing of the CFA response plans for the site. Members from Malmsbury, Kyneton, Taradale and Elphinstone and Kyneton Group representatives attended.

Tony says: "We are impressed with the level of security and the planning and detail that went into building the new centre. It is also benefits the local community by creating lots more jobs and the staff frequent the businesses in the area. We have also worked hard on ensuring we have an ongoing good working relationship with them.”

The centre is due to open to clients in mid July.



Last Updated: 16 July 2015