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Mateship will remain

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  9.30 AM 13 June, 2016

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CFA’s Gregg Paterson has seen many changes to the organisation in 38 years as a member, but he says the mateship will always remain.

He will today receive an Australian Fire Service Medal as part of the 2016 Queens Birthday Honours for his service to the community.

Gregg’s CFA career as a volunteer and career staff member spans over 38 years. He has moved through the ranks from volunteer firefighter in 1978 to Deputy Chief Officer.

In his current senior position, as Regional Commander, Barwon-South West Region, he is described as having demonstrated exceptional performance and efficiency in fire service operations, management and administration.

He has successfully managed several major fires, including Ash Wednesday fires and February 2009 fires, and other incidents along with major programs and events.

He has developed initiatives in the Bushfires Portfolio Management Office. He has been instrumental in development of fire service policy, procedures, memorandums of understanding and standing orders at both regional and state levels.

But the highlight for Gregg is the people he has met and worked with along the way.

“For me, it’s the people in the organisation, the career staff and volunteers. I have met some amazing people through my journey,” he said.

“When I joined as a career firefighter, there was about 260 paid staff, now we have well over 1000. But what hasn’t changed is the mateship side of the organisation.

“The way we fight fires these days is different, so too is the aircraft resources we have available; we’re much more accountable too and there’s new structures in which we manage incidents.”

Speaking about his nomination, he is very humbled.                                        

“It’s very humbling, I’m quite taken aback by it actually,” he said.

“If you look at some of the people who have received AFSM’s before me, it’s a very revered group.”

Last Updated: 10 June 2016