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Member commendations, new station wear, pumper accident

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 19 September, 2011

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Well Done And Keep Up The Great Work To:
Point Cook volunteer firefighter John Hydes recently made the news by rescuing two children from a house fire in Point Cook last Saturday night. John, who recently moved here from New Zealand, saved his neighbours 5y.o. son and 7y.o. daughter from their Point Cook home just minutes before the roof collapsed. Fantastic work John and "Well done!" "Well done!" to O/O Officer Tony O'Day who was the winner of the AFAC award for the "People's Choice Poster Award 2011" as judged by the attendees at this year's AFAC Conference. Tony's poster was on lessons from CFA's involvement in last year's Mercury 2010 national counter terrorism exercise and the relevance for bushfire incident management teams. "Well done!" also, to SSO Greg Chapman, LFF Steve Brodie and FF Alex Batty from Hallam Station who arrived at a washaway to find a victim in cardiac arrest. They took over CPR from bystanders and used recently gained Emergency Management Response training to use their defibrillator to shock the patient twice to get his heart back into normal rhythm, followed by CPR until the arrival of a MICA unit. Their actions, combined with the early intervention of a bystander performing CPR prior to their arrival, have saved the patient's life. Finally, "Well done!" to Julie Wynzar and Susan Showler from Barwon South West Region who organised a function to celebrate the Women and Fire Mentoring Program at Hamilton recently. It was great to see proactive support for women in CFA by many mentors - both men and women. There was a real buzz of optimism and enthusiasm at the celebration.

Take Care driving CFA Vehicles:
Last week Berwick Pumper was involved in a serious accident whilst travelling Code 1 to a job. The pumper collided with a vehicle whilst traversing a controlled intersection. As a result of the accident two members of the public were hospitalised. In recent months, there have been a number of serious accidents involving CFA vehicles travelling under emergency conditions. It is worthy to reinforce that the safety of a CFA vehicle, its occupants and that of other road users is the responsibility of the driver. Code 1 driving is always an inherently dangerous activity. Situational awareness, adjusting driving to weather and road conditions and maintaining vehicle control at all times are all critical to safe driving.

An Update On O/M Neil Bumpstead:
Many of you know O/M Neil Bumpstead has been unwell for some time. Bumper has spent a considerable amount of time in hospital in relation to a previous stomach illness that has resurfaced. Neil advises that he is again having surgery this week. Neil, we are all thinking of you and Carol.

New Station Wear Roll-Out:
DCO John Haynes and O/M Barry Foss advise that the roll-out of the new station wear to fire station staff has commenced. This heralds a new generation of uniform that more suitably reflects our role and function. Station wear is being issued in a number of phases. Phase 1 includes nomex cargo pants and shirts in a "Paris Blue" colour. Other items, such as T-shirts, polar fleece jackets and a new style of baseball cap are awaiting supply. They will be distributed as they become available. An Interim Business Rule has been developed to guide wearers. The status quo in respect to wearing of formal wear outside of the station is to prevail in the meantime. It is envisaged that the station wear specifications will be reviewed in February 2012 and that extending the roll-out to other field staff and to volunteers will also be discussed and planned during 2012. Questions about the station wear project should be directed to either DC/O John Haynes or O/M Barry Foss.

Take Care Of Yourself:
With the days getting longer and warmer, it's a great time to work on that healthy diet and fitness program. Walking on a regular basis does wonders for your fitness. Take 30 minutes every day to exercise. Always eat a good breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Drink lots of water. Eat more fruit. Make sure you get enough sleep. Take time to look after yourself!

"I am not afraid... I was born to do this." - Joan of Arc

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