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Member ID system now being pilot tested

By: Michael Bourne

  11.00 AM 14 September, 2011

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The new Member ID system is currently being pilot tested in District 13, in three Groups in the Loddon Mallee Region, and for Fire Investigators.

The Member ID project has been established as part of the Bushfire Preparedness Program to address Recommendation 19 of the VBRC Final Report, that: "The Country Fire Authority provide to all CFA volunteers an identification card or similar to facilitate their passage through roadblocks established in accordance with the 2009 Guidelines for the Operation of Traffic Management Points during Wildfires".

The project objective is to provide, by October 2011, all CFA members with access to a practical form of personal photo ID that is consistent across the State to facilitate access through Traffic Management Points (TMPs). 

This is being achieved through the following six project stages -

  1. Review current ID practices and related technologies
  2. Develop solution options and an implementation plan
  3. Select a preferred solution from tender responses
  4. Pilot test the preferred solution, review the results and amend the processes
  5. Review the TMP guidelines
  6. Roll-out distribution of personal IDs

Stages 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the project are now complete.

The tender for Member ID Project Services closed on 22 July 2011.  The tender evaluation process was completed on 19/8/11 and ABnote were engaged on 22/8/11 to produce ID cards and distribute these direct to members.  This will commence initially in the pilot sites.

The new IT system to support the Member ID application and authorisation processes was completed on time and to a very high standard by the CFA IT Brigades-on-Line team.  This system was deployed in Brigades-on-Line on 29/8/11, limited at this stage to the three pilot sites.  Subject to successful completion of the pilot testing, the new member ID system is expected to be available in October. 

Early feedback from members in the pilot sites is that the system is simple for members to use and requires very little, if any, district or regional administrative activity. Local volunteers are assisting with gathering and loading images during the pilot testing and helping build local liaison capabilities.

As a byproduct, the new ID application system prompts members to update their contact details and, in the background, feeds any amendments into RMS.


Following discussions with CFA members in districts, the Member ID project team convened an Interagency TMP and Vehicle Sticker Reference Group with representatives from CFA, VicPol, DSE and VicRoads to review the TMP guidelines and vehicle sticker system introduced in December 2010.

The Reference Group developed a new TMP and Vehicle Sticker System, TMP Information Card, TMP Identification Sheet and TMP guidelines for the 2011/12 fire season.  This proposal was endorsed by the Emergency Management Reference Group on 24/8/11 and approved by the State Fire and Flood Strategic Forum on 6/9/11.

The new TMP system for the 2011-12 fire season has five interdependent elements:

  1. The interagency TMP vehicle stickers
  2. The interagency "Traffic Management Points - Bushfire Information Card, September 2011"
  3. The interagency "Traffic Management Points CFA / DSE Formal Identification Sheet, September 2011"
  4. The interagency "Guidelines for the Operation of Traffic Management Points During Bushfires, September 2011"
  5. CFA and DSE are also developing the joint "CFA / DSE Guidelines for Traffic Management Point Access Stickers" to support implementation of the windscreen sticker system in the lead up to the 2011-12 fire season.

Copies of these documents and stickers  will be available in the pre-season briefing material and the new vehicle stickers, TMP Information Card, TMP Identification Sheet and TMP guidelines and will be circulated widely to police, CFA and DSE members.

Thank you again for your ideas and comments.

keep safe and well

Michael Bourne

Member ID Project Manager 



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