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Mentoring and coaching in IMTTP

By: Leith Hillard

Category: Planning & Research

  12.10 PM 26 November, 2012

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The Incident Management Team Training Project (IMTTP) has been established in response to the findings of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

An interagency coaching and mentoring program is now in development within this project to support those moving up the ranks in incident management team roles.

Within this project, a mentor is described as a trusted adviser, guide and advocate over the long term. In contrast, a coach provides support and feedback in a practical situation in the short term. This might be for one shift or over several days.

Mentoring fits into the Learning-by-doing model. This recognises that people develop 10 per cent of their skills through courses and reading; 70 per cent through on-the-job experience (including exercises); and 20 per cent is learning from others including coaches and mentors.

Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes is overseeing the IMTTP. “We know that the new generation of our members really wants to have a go,” he says. “What legacy do our captains, group officers and DCOs leave if we don’t hand on what we know and mentor our younger members as they take over leadership.

“Mentoring and coaching is now part of the job of everyone in leadership. It’s a key part of our culture change.”

Last Updated: 26 November 2012