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MFB announce new training facility

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 29 July, 2012

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The Victorian Minister for Major Projects, Denis Napthine, has announced a new MFB training facility to be built at Craigieburn by 2014. 


This facility will be useful for the state along with other key training facilities.


Following this announcement, I’m writing to assure you that Fiskville is safe and will remain the primary training facility for CFA, now and into the future, supported by our other Field Training Grounds.


For many years Fiskville has been Victoria’s primary ‘all-hazards’ training facility. Our members have used this facility to deliver training for volunteer and career firefighters for over 40 years and I’d like to see this continue for at least another 40 years.


Fiskville is where most of our people have trained and where the majority of our operational staff began their careers. CFA uses the facility for graduation ceremonies, to celebrate the achievements of our people and to honour those who have lost their lives in the course of duty.


Over time, Fiskville has come to play a symbolic role in CFA, reflecting the ethos and commitment of CFA members to emergency service.


While CFA has provided the facility for MFB to do hot fire training (and other training) for many years - and will continue to do so as needed - the new MFB facility will free up extra capacity for CFA and any other emergency service to train at Fiskville.


CFA notes that while MFB’s new training ground will provide some capacity for other agencies to utilise its facilities, most of its capacity will be utilised by MFB.


Importantly, Fiskville and our Field Training Grounds will continue to ensure that training is conducted closer to where volunteers and career firefighters live (a key recommendation of the Jones Report).


I appreciate your patience through what has been a difficult time for many CFA members, and again commend our staff at Fiskville and the Field Training Grounds for getting on with the job of training some of the world’s best firefighters.

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