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MFB assists at Sunbury

By: Blair Dellemijn

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  10.50 PM 29 July, 2013

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Just after 4.30pm on 29 July, Sunbury brigade was paged to assist Ambulance Victoria in extricating an injured patient from a rooftop in Melba Avenue, Sunbury.

With paramedics already on scene assessing the patient, Senior Station Officer Cochrane on the Sunbury pumper, requested the assistance of a ladder platform, the nearest one being from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade at Footscrayl

As paramedics stabilised the patient, the aerial appliance was set up in the driveway of the premises, ready to perform the extrication, all the while being mindful of the overhead powerlines and branches from the gum trees nearby.

With MFB Station Officer Street staying with the patient in the bucket of the ladder platform, he was gently lowered on to the ground, on to a stretcher, and into an awaiting ambulance for transport to the nearest hospital.

Appliances on scene;

Sunbury – Pumper.

MFB – Pumper-Tanker 48, Ladder Platform 47, Commander.

CFA – Operations Officer Clancy.

The Incident Controller for this incident was Senior Station Officer Cochrane form Sunbury Fire Brigade.

Pictures by Blair Dellemijn – CFA Photographer.

Last Updated: 30 July 2013