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Minimum Skills report now online

By: Darren Grevis-James

Category: Training & Recruitment

  3.06 PM 30 August, 2013

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The Report into the ‘Findings and Recommendations’ of the Minimum Skills Review has been completed by CFA’s Operational Training and Volunteerism Directorate following a comprehensive two year review.

The recommendations in the Report flow from a series of workshops that involved some180 participants from VFBV, District Training Committees, and CFA training personnel who considered a range of options and improvements for minimum skills training.

Recently, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson accepted all 22 recommendations contained within the Report.

Executive Manager, Training and Development, James Stitz says in the past minimum skills training has mostly focused on operational firefighters learning the fundamentals of bushfire skills, as well as operation of equipment’s, and safety procedures.

“In future CFA will take an ‘All-Hazards’ approach to minimum skills training,” he says. “This means that the basic skills taught to new firefighters will better fit with the needs of their fire brigades local risk profile.”

James says the adoption of an All-Hazards Skills Program better recognises the types of incidents that members would be exposed to as a part of their Brigade’s normal day to day operations.  Therefore, a move to an All-Hazards Skills Program will provide members with more appropriate skills for the risks that they are likely to encounter on a daily basis. “In future the more focused All-Hazards Skill Program means there’ll be a good chance that new firefighters will be able to get on a truck earlier rather than later when they first join the brigade,” he says.

James cautions that the transition to the introduction of the “All Hazards minimum skills” approach will not occur before mid-2014. “We still have much work to do in getting the policy, procedures, systems and training in place before we make the switch-over to the new training regimen.”

The core requirements for firefighters operating in an all-hazards risk environment will be:
• Respond safely to a pager message
• Maintain personal safety – PPC/PPE, burn over drill, hydration, etc.
• Follow instructions – chain of command
• Work as part of a team – support team safety
• Identify, explain purpose, locate and stow small gear on primary vehicle/s
• Use basic small gear – hoses, branches, ladders, axes, hydrants
• Use radio – On/off, change channel, Send basic radio message – leaving station, on scene, returning to station, back at station, mayday
• Read maps – locate position on map using 6 figure grid reference, provide 6 figure grid reference for current location + GPS as appropriate
• Supply water in / water out – basic pump operation, drafting, connect hoses and branches, deliver water
• Maintain basic situational awareness – hazard identification, basic risk management

The full Report into the ‘Findings and Recommendations’ of the Minimum Skills Review is now available for members to read at Brigades Online or click here. PDF downloads (CFA Members only - requires Brigades Online login)

Last Updated: 04 September 2013