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Miracles of Modern Technology

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 14 October, 2012

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The miracles of modern technology never cease to amaze me
We were flying to Dallas Texas that morning for my sons wedding the grand children were coming with us so we had loaded up with all sorts of technology to keep them entertained
Surprisingly they slept most of the way
The night before I  packed up my turnout gear to be sent of for cleaning yet I still hadn't turned of the pager
The car arrived to take us to the airport so the pager was switched off I was no longer on call my link to what was going on in our patch had been silenced (My wife thought it was a good thing)
We arrived safely in Dallas after some 16 hours in the air that in itself is a modern miracle
America the land of the free Wi Fi every where we went you could be connected shopping centers,  coffee shops
We settled in and got used to driving on the wrong side of the road
The Sat Nav getting a good workout (We still got lost) still quite amazing how it all works
Sitting in a Mc Donald's for lunch one day with the Grandchildren  the CFA Fire Ready App went ping on the iPad  (I had previously set up an alert for my area)
It was interesting to see that the application worked some 14 thousand miles away
I logged on to  CFA Online sure enough Doreen had been paged I flicked over to the Scanner App that had been recommended to me by the Comms Officer
We sat there listening to the turnout by the 1st Lieutenant and followed the job all the way through to the conclusion
So there I was in a Mc Donald's in Dallas Texas listening to what was happening  back in Doreen Victoria Australia
I decided I would post a message on the Doreen CFA Facebook page congratulating  the team on the excellent radio work and a job well done
A message came back that perhaps I should be enjoying my Holidays

I took their advice but the technology available to us still amazes me
In closing I highly recommend the CFA app and wish to congratulate all those involved in developing it
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