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Mirboo North community bushfire exercise

By: Sarah Hollingsworth

Category: Community Safety

  11.54 AM 27 November, 2015

Location: District 9 News

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The township of Mirboo North is located in a very high bushfire risk area.To bring further awareness to the Mirboo North community about the risk in the area and the importance of developing a fire plan, Mirboo North Fire Brigade held a community bushfire exercise.

The exercise was held at Mirboo North Recreation Reserve on 22nd November 2015 and all community members were welcome to attend.

Strzelecki Group Officer, Mark Bourke, provided attendees with an understanding of fire behaviour before running scenarios on large maps of the Mirboo North township and surrounds. The event was finished off with a practical activity where members were able to view a demonstration of fire activity with the burn table.

An extensive media campaign run by Brigade Community Safety Coordinator Mark Kennedy resulted in 95 community members attending the event.

Feedback from attendees shows, 8 attendees already have a fire plan, 29 do not have a fire plan and 27 would now consider developing one.

District 9 Operations Officer, Simon Bloink, said: “It was great to see the interaction between CFA members and community members all wanting to gain further information about fire behaviour in their local area and discussing the importance of a plan A and B. It was encouraging sitting at the tables and hearing community members contribute and share their experiences with fire, to further assist people in preparing a Plan.”

The brigade followed up the event with providing an opportunity for community members to attend an evening session at the fire station and discuss their fire plans.

This event was the result of a job well done by all and shows that the effort put into Community Bushfire Exercises is a great benefit to the community.

Last Updated: 28 November 2015