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Missing fisherman

Coast Guard Portland and Warrnambool have been involved in the search for a missing fisherman off the seas of Port Fairy.

Coast Guard vessels have been operational since 0428 hours Thursday morning, after searching untill dark and returned to Port Fairy Coast Guard were notified by the Police Airwing that they had located the vessel 15 nautical miles South/South West of Port Fairy at approximately 1730hrs.

Coast Guard Portlands Vessel (CG17) and a Water Police vessel were tasked to head straight back out and recover the vessel. After a long 12 hour search, our members had not given up hope for the missing fisherman with our thoughts going out to the family, crews immediately stepped back to action and headed out to the location of the vessel.

The missing vessel was located with assistance from the air-wing, unfortunately at this time there was no sighting of the fisherman, the vessel was taken in tow by Coast Guard Portland and escorted by Water Police back to Port Fairy, arriving back around 0500hrs Friday morning.

The Coast Guard vessel was promptly refuelled and had fresh crew members on-board and were soon heading out to continue the search for the missing man. At 1500 today with poor weather conditions Coast Guard Portland and Warrnambool vessels were stood down from the search by the Water Police.

This the 3rd major search and rescue effort within months for Portland Coast Guard, these events highlight the need for boat operators to wear and carry correct safety and communication equipment, to promptly raise the alarm as soon as an emergency situation arises - the sea is very unforgiving.  

Safety By All Means.

Michael Krause
Flotilla Commander, Portland Coast Guard 

Last Updated: 20 June 2014