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Movember at Shepparton Fire Station

  • Members from the "Shepparton Firies" team

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  12.19 PM 27 November, 2014

Location: District 22 News

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Shepparton Fire Station has been participating in Movember raising funds for Men’s Health, with 16 members from Staff and Volunteer ranks. From the start we challenged the Melton Fire Station who are also participating to see who could raise the most for the worthy cause.

*** Story by Chris Bethell, Leading Firefighter, Shepparton Fire Station***

The team known as “Shepparton Firies” has raised $3143 from generous donations so far, which surpasses previous efforts from 2 years ago of just over $2300. Our aim is to push towards $4000 with the help of some generous donations.

The Shepparton team is the highest CFA team in the Triple Zero Challenge against other emergency services teams, ranked just outside the top ten overall. One of our team members, Senior Station Officer Michael Masters, has personally raised over $1400 and is currently ranked 6th in the Emergency Services. We hope to raise more funds and finish in the top 10.

It is great to have a bit of a laugh at some of the moustaches or more the inability to grow one from a few – and see our career staff and volunteers working together for a great cause.

If CFA members would like to help our cause they can donate by going to the Movember website and search for Shepparton Firies. Donations can be made anonymously if preferred. Shepparton currently lead Melton by a considerable lead.

Last Updated: 28 November 2014