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Moyhu Group sharp and ready to go

  • Moyhu Group pre-season exercise 2013
  • Moyhu Group pre-season exercise 2013

By: Sonia Maclean

Category: Training & Recruitment

  9.23 AM 2 December, 2013

Location: District 23 News

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The Moyhu Group is ready for another fire season after its annual group exercise on the weekend of 23-24 November. Story courtesy of the Wangaratta Chronicle.

Seven brigades from around the King Valley gathered in the Bobinawarrah area to conduct a round robin series of exercises to sharpen their skills.

They worked on controlling firebreaks, fires from lightning strikes, drafting water from a static supply, using radios, and protecting themselves in fire trucks during a burn over.

Group officer Ron Moorhead led the exercises and said they were a valuable tool for members leading into summer.

The Moyhu group was busy with fires last summer and Mr Moorehead said  there is potential for another dangerous fire season.

Last Updated: 02 December 2013