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Mt Gambier SAMFS Visits Casterton

By: Kylee Merritt

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  12.10 PM 12 August, 2013

Location: District 4 News

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On Thursday night August 8 South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS) crew from Mount Gambier visited Casterton to provide a demonstration of their “Skyjet” aerial appliance.The equivalent truck in CFA is the Teleboom.

The truck is capable of delivering almost 4000 litres per minute at a height of 11 metres and is crewed by 4 qualified operators when it responds.

 The truck visited Casterton for familiarisation purposes of the SAMFS crew and also Casterton and its surrounding Brigades as it is the primary aerial appliance response should that be necessary in the Casterton commercial area.

The Casterton commercial  area consists of very old timber buildings with common roof spaces and butted up against each other. The potential to lose an entire row of shops is high if an aggressive attack is not made on a going structure fire.

The Skyjet would play an important part in restricting the spread of a commercial structure fire in town where pumping capacity and height above the structures would be vital if crews fighting it at street level are not gaining the upper hand.

 A demonstration of its ability to conduct a rescue from heights was also carried out .

 The nearest CFA aerial appliances are located at Geelong City, Corio and Ballarat City as opposed to Mount Gambier which is only 65 kilometres away and a 45 minute travel time.

 Brigades that attended the session were Casterton, Corndale, Sandford, Dunrobin, Coleraine and Heywood.

Special thanks to George, Travis and Rob from SAMFS who were part of the planning process in organising the visit along with Ops Officer Brian Brady and BASO Kylee Merritt from District 4 HQ.

Last Updated: 12 August 2013