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Mt Macedon FB trains hard and plays harder

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  9.06 AM 20 December, 2016

Location: District 2 News

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Training is a serious business at Mt Macedon Fire Brigade, but that doesn't mean it can't be just a little bit fun.

The fireys from the Mt Macedon have been putting there skills to the test to ensure that they are well prepared for the upcoming summer season.

Forecasts suggest there is significant grassfire risk this summer as extensive spring growth dries out creating high fuel loads.

Mt Macedon Captain Jim Darby said this summer is expected to be a tough one, so we’ve been honing our tactics and accuracy using a humble soccer ball.

“This unique but challenging training drill develops crew communication as the crew members on the back of the tanker must work closely with the driver to get the ball around a set course,” he said.

“It’s important to mix up your training drills not only to gain a diverse range of skill but also to keep it fun.

“I’m confident that the crew is prepared for whatever summer might throw our way.”

Mr Darby is also encouraging everyone to clean up their property now if they haven’t done so already.

“If you've got long grass on your property, now's the time to mow or slash so that your backyard doesn't become a fire truck soccer field this summer,” he said.

“While we will do everything we can to keep you safe this summer, we need you to use common sense and take responsibility for preventing fires.”

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