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Mt Martha CFA welcomes siren trial

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  11.34 AM 16 January, 2013

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Volunteers from Mt Martha Fire Brigade have welcomed the Fire Services Commissioner’s new pilot using sirens for community alerting.

The community alerting pilot will involve 46 sirens in 39 locations across Victoria, warn locals about significant emergencies including fire, hazardous materials incidents, flood and severe storms.

Mt Martha is the only brigade on the MorningtonPeninsula taking part in the trial which starts on Friday 25 January, just before the Australia Day long weekend which attracts several tourists to the area.

Southern Metropolitan Regional Director Peter Schmidt said there will be two sirens the community needed to be aware of.

“A short, 90-second signal will indicate Mt Martha Brigade is responding to a grass and scrub fire. This alert tells the community they need to be aware there is a fire in the area and they should look out for possible smoke and start gaining some further information.” he said.

“A prolonged, five-minute signal will indicate that an emergency is occurring and the community is at risk of being impacted and must seek more information.

“The community can access warnings and information from a range of sources including ABC radio, Sky News, the CFA website, the FireReady app, Facebook, Twitter and by calling the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.”

The purpose of the pilot is to test and refine how the sirens work in practice before additional sirens are launched across the state.

“This fire season we’ve seen an increased number of high fire danger days so providing information to the local community is crucial,” Mr Schmidt said.

“The siren trial is a positive outcome for the Mt Martha area as a community survey conducted by the brigade found 98 per cent of the local residents were in favour of using the siren as one method of warning the community.

“It’s great to see Mt Martha’s brigade members proactively researching the community’s needs and I’m pleased we are now able to deliver on those outcomes,” he said.


Last Updated: 16 January 2013