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Multi-storey building symposium

  • Multi-storey building symposium
  • Multi-storey building symposium
  • Multi-storey building symposium

By: CFA News

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  11.39 AM 22 June, 2015

Location: General

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CFA and MFB were joined by industry leaders on 10 June for a symposium to discuss community and firefighter safety considerations relating to multi-storey buildings.

More than 144 people attended including representatives from NSW Fire and Rescue and Aviation Fire and Rescue.

Fire Safety Officer and symposium organiser Carolyn Blake said that, with the increase in development of multi-storey and high-rise buildings in Victoria, the symposium was a timely opportunity to share knowledge and discuss considerations.

“Discussions centred around community safety, firefighter response, and the role of industry,” she said.  

“The sessions were very informative and feedback received was extremely positive as was also evident by the questions put to the panel.

“The event promoted discussion, offered networking opportunities and proved to be a great opportunity to work together with MFB,” she said.

Operations Manager Mark Kennedy and Operations Officer Paul Horton spoke on behalf of CFA, with other presentations made by MFB and industry leaders.

Topics covered included:

  •          New York's Twin Towers: how construction contributed to the collapse
  •          Tall buildings and potential alternative solutions
  •          Using lifts for evacuation
  •          Mid-rise timber buildings
  •          Recent Victorian emergencies in tall buildings such as the Lacrosse building fire
  •          High-rise building preplanning/response considerations
  •          High-rise considerations in alpine areas

Swinburne University kindly donated one of their theatres for the event, which was co-hosted by CFA and MFB.

Last Updated: 24 June 2015