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Multiple incidents at Marist Sion

By: Steve Forrest

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  9.18 PM 27 May, 2014

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West Gippsland Group conducted their annual Structural exercise on Sunday the 25th of May 2014 at the Marist Sion Secondary School. The day started a bit dreary with some showers though cleared up to be a pleasant day.

Five different scenarios were created around four incidents that ran simultaneously throughout the school. Brigades rotated around the incidents through the morning working with different crews at each one.

The first incident involved two vehicles into a building with an occupant trapped. One vehicle was on fire and crews had to adopt RECEO (Rescue, Exposures, Containment, Extinguishment and Overhaul) priorities to manage the scene. Once the fire was out the SES arrived and CFA members assisted the SES crew with preparation for cutting the vehicle and the extrication of the patient.  Crews then were debriefed on how to assist best at similar scenes and the dangers surrounding them.

The second incident was a skills maintenance / familiarisation session in Breathing Apparatus (BA). The theatre of the school was cloaked in darkness and crews had to wear BA while working in pairs amongst a larger team to search and located victims within the theatre. Crew members with the BA qualification were able to use the session as a skills maintenance drill while others who have had no involvement were able to familiarise themselves with the equipment prior to undertaking the course in the future. The Traralgon BA Van was used to maintain a supply of cylinders giving brigades an opportunity to view this resource.

The third incident involved a structure fire within the Library of the school. Crews again had to adopt RECEO priorities to manage the scene and undertake a defensive attack of the structure.  With limited water and large exposures of the adjoining buildings crews had to act swiftly to protect the assets of the school while waiting for water to be supplied from the brigades boosting water from the fourth incident.

The fourth and last incident combined two points. The first being a boost relay of two vehicles providing water from the boost point at the front of the school to the vehicles involved in the structural attack on the Library in the third incident. Crew members had to communicate with each truck to maintain a constant pressure and flow of water to the structural incident. The second component revolved around radio communications and giving accurate and relevant Wordbacks and Sitreps to Vicfire. The District 9 MCV was utilised for this giving brigades an opportunity to view the resource.

The day ran well with all members getting the opportunity to participate in each incident gaining valuable learning outcomes and experiences from the day. Crews learned a lot by actively involving themselves in each scenario and treating as real as they could. Lunch was provided by the Longwarry and District Auxiliary with their new catering trailer. Thanks to the specialist brigades for their time and effort.

The West Gippsland group would like to thank the following organisations for their assistance showing what great results can come from good community partnerships:

Marist Sion College

Warragul Towing

Drouin Metal Recyclers

Warragul SES

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