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Mum's the word

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  11.48 AM 14 May, 2017

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In honour of all our fantastic CFA mums, we would like to share a story about mum and grandmother Robyn Morley through the eyes of her kids. 

Tom, Ali and Andrew are lucky kids to have a mum like Robyn, and they’re the first ones to admit it. 

“We’re not talking about an ordinary mum here,” said Andrew. “She is not only a trusty leader and loved amongst the community but she’s the kind of lady who always puts the needs of others before her own.

“She would always remind us that "there’s no such thing as I can't, you can... you just need to believe in yourself,” said Ali. 

“Whether we were dragging her to Scouts, school council, pony club or now, picking up our daughter from daycare, she is with us every step of the way,” said Tom. 

Robyn is not only a dedicated CFA volunteer at Wildwood Fire Brigade but she also runs four farms, manages a business with Andrew and teaches at local schools. 

“Being an ex-nurse, Mum taught Health Ed at multiple schools. But this came with the embarrassing consequence of meeting other ex-students as we grew up that distinctively remember mum teaching them about the birds and the bees’, said Andrew. 

Robyn was a volunteer with both the Sunbury SES and Clarkefield CFA for many years before Tom and Andrew grew old enough to join. 

“Once we joined CFA, I think she enjoyed watching us thrive and she naturally took a step back, but now that Tom and I have moved out of the area to separate brigades, she has had to step up and now drops everything when the pager goes off,” said Andrew. 

Community values and helping others is something that is deeply embedded within the Morley family, so it comes as no surprise they’re all involved in the emergency services. 

“My brother and I are both CFA volunteers, Tom being the captain at Riddells Creek, our sister Ali is a nurse at the Royal Children's Hospital and Dad is still a doctor where he met Mum 35 years ago at the Royal Melbourne Hospital,” said Andrew. 

Robyn has always been an honest and ethical individual who has dedicated much of her life to standing up for what is right. 

“Mum has the biggest heart and hates to see people or animals suffer. On many occasions we have come home to find chickens, piglets, lambs and even calves in the lounge room because they had been neglected by their own mothers,” said Ali. 

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t speak to her, half the time it’s business and she’s telling me off, but then there is the advice and support that I am always in need of,” said Andrew. 

“We’re so lucky to have been brought up with parents, who have instilled such strong family values in us,” said Tom. “Mum has developed and maintained a loving family environment. Even though we’re grown up we’re still a tight knit family who catch up regularly.”  

“She’s not just our mum, but she does a bloody good job at being the mother hen at the brigade too,” said Andrew. 

“Everyone who meets Mum is a better person for it and although we think she’s an incredible woman every day, we want to take this opportunity to remind her how much she means to us and her community.” 

“She is a gift to this world and we are all so lucky to have her,” said Ali.

Last Updated: 15 May 2017