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Munro celebrates 65 years

By: Emily Durbridge

Category: Community Safety

  4.21 PM 30 November, 2012

Location: District 10 News

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We had a great day about 30 attended our CFA Sunday/Birthday Celebration/Awards Presentation.

Brigade Captain Craig Moralee with assistance from members, put together a history of the brigade officers in time for the brigade’s 65th birthday celebration on CFA Sunday.

The day started with a Sausage Sizzle & Soft Drinks. 3rd Lt Kevin cooked the BBQ assisted by Lloyd Moralee.

Children  1-10  enjoyed putting out the wild fires and camp fires though Captain Koala also got wet (Water guns at close range).


While nobody managed to name all the Munro Members in the 1985 photo  they did  name the Riverland Gully members with some assistance. Everybody got a box of Smarties for their efforts.

The children also enjoyed a Colouring Competition.

Formal session 

Training Certificates Presented

Min Skills Wildfire  A.Kent, J. Sculley. D.Field

Class ‘A’ Foam   R. Mawson & D. Field

Plantation  R.Mawson , C. Moralee, T. Field, D.Field, G. Rees

Service Awards  Presented by Paul Fixter

10 year  G.Rees

15 year E. Dekkers, T. Field

20 year E. Duffy

55 year Fred Lotton

Firefighter of the year $50 Bunnings Voucher awarded to Greg Rees

Greg Flynn  HPV  ( former Ops Manager)

Gave a short address and answered questions on the Fire prevention measures being undertaken in the Stockdale Pine plantations.

Last Updated: 30 November 2012