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National Emergency Medals at Horsham annual dinner

  • Chris Pallot, Captain Jung Fire Brigade, presented with National Emergency Medal by Acting ACO Phil Beasley
  • Colin Miller
  • Mat Walsh
  • David Mercer
  • David Pilmore
  • Mat Walsh was presented with a Clock from the brigade to recognise 18 years of service in the Brigade Management Team.
  • Guy Hutchinson
  • Jason Taylor
  • John Davies
  • Marcus Bethune
  • Acting ACO Phil Beasley and 2nt Lt Roger Perris
  • Captain John St Clair
  • Marc Ampt
  • Kate Loveday (for Bruce Loveday dec.)
  • Kate Ryan
  • Malcolm Scott
  • Michael Ziersch
  • Norris Goodgame
  • Shane Carter
  • Shane Hopper
  • Steve Foster
  • Tony Welbourn
  • Warren Ross
  • Jai Smith

By: Louise McGillivray

Category: Honours & Awards

  6.11 PM 13 August, 2015

Location: District 17 News

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The Horsham Fire Brigade combined its annual dinner with a presentation of National Emergency Medals to brigade members who participated in the 2009 fires.

The Black Saturday fire impacted Horsham severely, with the loss of 11 homes and the Horsham Golf Club. It was an extraordinary day, and the fire fight will live in the memories of those who participated for the rest of their lives.

Ex Chief Officer Trevor Roche attended the evening as guest speaker. Trevor had served part of his career as a Regional Officer at District 17, based in Horsham, and he spoke about his time in the area working with CFA volunteers.

CFA Long Service Awards:

Marc Ampt, Lieutenant, 10 Year Award

Kate Ryan, Firefighter, 15 Year Award

Shane Hopper, Firefighter, 20 Year Award

Michael Ziersch, Firerighter, 20 Year Award

David Pilmore, Firefighter, 30 Year Award

Malcolm Scott, Firefighter, 35 Year Award

Warren Ross, Firefighter, 40 Year Award


National Medal:

Mathew Walsh, Ex Captain, Deputy Group Officer, Horsham Group.

Graham Hill, Ex Captain, Group Training Officer, Horsham Group.


National Medal Bars:

John Davies (first and second bar), Ex Captain, Group Officer, Horsham Group.

Tony Welbourn (third bar), Secretary.


National Emergency Medal:


Bruce Loveday – Received by daughter Kate Loveday


Horsham Fire Brigade:     

David Mercer

Guy Hutchinson

Jai Smith

Jason Taylor

John Davies

John St Clair

Marc Ampt

Marcus Bethune

Mathew Walsh

Michael Ziersch

Norris Goodgame

Shane Carter

Shane Hopper

Tony Welbourn

Warren Ross


Jung Fire Brigade:             

Chris Pallot           

Steve Foster


Thank you to Lynton Brown for generously supplying the photos from the evening. 

Last Updated: 18 August 2015