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National Firefighters’ Health Study


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  12.47 PM 28 November, 2012

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The Australian fire services are running a health study involving current and former career and volunteer firefighters from across the country, supported by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council.

Monash University researchers will examine differences in cause of death, rates of cancer and other life threatening diseases among firefighters who served from 1980, compared to those of the general population.

The researchers will look at firefighting exposures that might explain any excess cancer and mortality, which should allow firefighting agencies better protect firefighters’ health in the future.

This national study is the first to look into volunteers’ health and the first to use documented exposure data. The huge scale of the study means that death from relatively rare diseases can be examined. More information about the study is available on the Monash website

Unless you choose to opt-out of this study, CFA will provide Monash University researchers with your name, gender, date and country of birth, postcode and marital status from your firefighting personnel records. Those records are required for data linkage with the Australian Cancer Database and the National Death Index.

You can remove your records from this study by completing an opt-out form, available at CFA Online and district offices.

The University will also be provided with information about your job title(s) and about incidents attended by you from CFA databases. No health or medical records will be obtained. 

When the study findings are published, no individual will be able to be identified. The study is overseen by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee. 

Information will be provided to Monash University after the cut-off date of 11 January 2013. If you do not wish your records to be used in the study please return the opt-out form by email, fax or mail by 11 January 2013.

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Fax: (03) 9262 8507
Post: OHS Department, PO Box 701 Mount Waverley, VIC 3149.

Last Updated: 30 November 2012