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Rowsley Fire Brigade National Medal presentation

  • Peter Cowan Receives his award
  • CFA Board Member congratulated James Greenshields
  • Judy Jensz receives her National Medal
  • Captain Steve Bullard congratulates Peter Forbes
  • Stephen and Pamela Lord
  • Captain Steve Bullard congratulates Robert Cowan
  • CFA Board Member Michael Tudball congratulates James Greenshields and presents him with his Brigade Life Membership
  • John Pedretti receives his National Medal
  • Captain Steve Bullard welcomes guests
  • Leon Manley is congratulated by CFA Board Member Michael Tudball

By: Irene Keating

Category: Honours & Awards, People

  2.35 PM 2 December, 2014

Location: District 15 News

Views: 1972

Sunday 26 October saw over 320 years of dedicated service to the CFA and the community awarded to members of the Rowsley Fire Brigade by CFA Board Member Michael Tudball AFSM) in the form of National Medals.

Nestled amongst the picturesque Rowsley Valley, the fire station is the hub of the community. The member’s dedication to firefighting and fire suppression was read out at as each of the recipients came forward to receive their award.

James Greenshields
A CFA member since his early teens, initially in the Seymour District at Glenaroua and Seymour Rural Brigades where he was Equipment Officer and Treasurer. Since joining the Rowsley Fire Brigade, he has held the position of Firefighter, Lieutenant and until June 2014, Captain and DGO, Group Delegate and member of the Group Incident-Management and Response Team.

John Pedretti,
An active member of the Brigade for 53 years and has held the ranks of both 3rd and 4th Lieutenant and Group Delegate.
He is currently Equipment Officer.

Judy Jensz,
A registered member of the Brigade for 26 years and prior to that, a member of the Brigade’s Auxiliary. Judy volunteered to be the Brigades Communications Officer in 1992, a position that she still holds today. Judy is Assistant Group Communications Officer. Her skills become apparent when organizing crews for strike teams both locally and state wide.

Robert Cowan
Joined the Rowsley Fire Brigade on 27 February, 1978.
He obtained minimum skills on 26 July 2005 and has been an active member of the Brigade for 35 years.

Peter Forbes,
A member of the Brigade for 54 years joining on 12 December 1958.
Peter is no longer active but still attends meetings and training sessions.
He has held positions of 1st and 2nd Lt.
Peter now holds the position of Brigade Member and still maintains a very active interest in the Brigade.

Stephen Lord
Associated with the Brigade since the mid 1960’s and an official member since 1978. He has been active on many strike teams throughout the State, in particular Ash Wednesday in 1983, the north east fires in 2006 and Black Saturday in 2009. Stephen was elected Secretary/Teasurer in 1998 and still holds these positions today.

Pamela Lord
Associated with the Rowsley CFA since the late 1950s.  In her teens, Pamela assisted her mother and other auxiliary ladies with the preparation and delivery of food and drinks to the firefighters during local emergencies. Pamela became an official member of the Brigade in 1984 and has been an effective and diligent member of both the ladies auxiliary and, after gaining her minimum skills, an active firefighter.

Following the official awarding of the National medals and Brigade Service Awards, Captain Steve Bullard presented ex-Captain James Greenshields with a VFBV Brigade Life Membership as recognition of his commitment to the Brigade and its members.

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