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National Medals for Hamilton members

  • National Emergencey medal presented to1st Lt Peter Wall
  • National Medals presented to FF Steve Jacobson and 2nd Lt Brad Guegan Brown
  • CFA Service Medals presented to Susan Little, Steve Jacobson, Kelly Hitchcock, Richard Vandermost, 4th Lt heah Bunting & Bruce Farquharson

By: Peter

Category: Honours & Awards

  9.59 AM 18 November, 2016

Location: District 5 News

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Hamilton’s Annual Brigade Dinner this year included the presentation of one National Emergency Medal, two National Medals and six Service Awards.

Approximately 100 members and guests attended the evening held at the Hamilton Exhibition Centre.  Guests enjoyed the lively control of the evening led by MC 1st Lt Peter Wall. Captain Malcolm Anderson thanked members for their efforts over a busy year and especially thanked employers, family and friends for the support they provide to members. 

A National Emergency medal presented for sustained service during Black Saturday was presented to 1st Lieutenant Peter Wall.  The dinner also recognised significant service of brigade members in protecting or assisting the community including awarding of National Medals for long and diligent service to 2nd Lieutenant Brad Guegan-Brown and Firefighter Steven Jacobson.  A total of 120 years of service to the community was also awarded through the presentation of CFA service awards to:

5 Year Certificate of Service: Kelly Hitchcock

15 Year Service Medal: 4th Lt Heath Bunting and Steven Jacobson

25 Year Service Medal: Richard Vandermost

30 Year Service Medal: Bruce Farquharson and Susan Little

The Brigade’s Awards were also presented with much pomp and ceremony.  The “Captain’s Award” was presented to Nathan Appledore, while the “Jack of all” award was presented to Blake Moritz.

“Recruit of the Year” was this year awarded to Alan Thomas with the “Firefighter of the Year” for 2016 being awarded to 5th Lieutenant Ash Kemp.

There were a number of more humorous awards recognising members funnier or somewhat embarrassing moments throughout the year.

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