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Ned Kelly pub burned down in name of fire safety

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

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  11.06 AM 21 November, 2016

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Over the past couple of weeks CFA attended the filming for new TV ads for the summer campaign. 

The ads address the danger of grassfires and what to do, the importance to plan and prepare for fire and urges people that leaving before a fire starts is always the safest option.

Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre (MRBIC) is a privately owned 420 ha property 45 km west of Melbourne and is a conservation park dedicated to the preservation of native flora and fauna. On Thursday MRBIC turned into a film set.

The day started bright and early with the film crew arriving at 5am to set up and prepare the location and the first match was lit by 6am. Under keen supervision of Little River Fire brigade, a derelict-looking structure and some old car wrecks were set alight to re-enact the aftermath of a devastating bushfire.  

Two CFA members, District 8 Operations Manager Mark Kennedy and Baxter Fire Brigade Captain Damien Willmott helped out as the spokes people. 

Mark said while he is usually the one reiterating the importance of community education to his brigades he is very happy to be doing his own bit now.     

The crew kept on filming for two more days at different locations with further help from MFB firefighters and CFA volunteers.

Thursday wasn’t the first time MRBIC was used for filming purposes. The structure set ablaze once was the set of the Glenrowan Inn pub used in the 2003 Ned Kelly movie starring Heath Ledger.

Last year the other side of the track was the movie set of the box office hit The Dressmaker. After being driven out of town, Tilly (Kate Winslet) returns to her home town to take care of her ailing, mentally unstable mother. Tilly ends up seeking revenge on the locals who did her wrong many years ago and burns down the town.

Once the film set is completely cleaned up, the whole area will be made into additional habitat for the threatened species the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Red Bellied Pademelon and Eastern Quoll.

The filming has now wrapped up and the production company has the big job left of editing all material to come up with four TV ads which will be aired across Victoria from 1 December. 

Last Updated: 22 November 2016