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Never expected always appreciated.

By: Robert Bury

  11.00 AM 15 April, 2014

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Not quite sure where to begin

 It started as a simple page mid afternoon that the brigade turned out too.

  Suffice to say it was not the sort of job we want to attend as it involved multiple agencies’ Police, Ambulance and CFA Rescue.

  The first crew on scene had done the hard work in the rain after 4 hours it was time to relieve them.

 The 1st Lieutenant handed over the Incident Controllers Tabard to me with a brief outline of what had happened.

  My function was more a watching brief as the Police were the Controlling Agency and the Rescue Brigade had responsibility for the task at hand.

 It was cold and wet my mind turned to welfare of the Rescue Crew and Police that had been on scene for more than 6 hours

  I asked if they would like some Dinner the response was an over whelming yes they were all indeed in need of nourishment.

 The local choices are many Pizza, Indian, Thai or the McDonald's that had recently opened 

  McDonald's it was decided would be the meal that night

  A request was relayed via Radio 

  The Captain deployed the Comms. Officer in the FCV to order  15 Meal Deals and deliver them to the scene.

  The McDonald's store was great they were aware of what was going on up the road and offered a 50% Discount on the meals a most generous offer. 

  Whilst the FCV Crew waited in the car for the meals to be prepared something was going on in the Store that took us all completely by surprise.

  The young McDonalds crew completely of their own volition had rallied together and chipped in to pay the Balance.

  Despite the Comms Officers protest that it was not necessary the young men and women insisted.

  They wanted to do their part in supporting the community.

  We often hear of the troubled youth of today but those Girls and Boys at McDonalds that night are an outstanding example of the future.

  Indeed we are a very lucky brigade in the support we receive from the many Groups and Business in our community.

  Never expected always appreciated.



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