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New Appointments Strengthen Support to Volunteers, Operational Training and Implementation of the Royal Commission Recommendations

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 17 September, 2010

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CFA is currently preparing for significant organisational change and transformation in response to the outcomes of the Royal Commission.

In relation to that, I am pleased to advise that we are about to take another step that will strengthen both support to volunteers and our objective to continuously improve our operational training in CFA.

One of the key outcomes of the Royal Commission’s final report was the recognition of the enormous role that CFA volunteers play in the delivery of fire and emergency service to the community of Victoria.

An equally important observation made by the Commission was the importance of operational training for not only volunteers but also for CFA career staff.

We have made many changes in the organisation over the past 18 or so months and our intention is to continue to make essential improvements that we believe will lead to a better prepared CFA and hence a safer Victorian community.

It’s in that context that we have decided to introduce a new department in CFA that will strengthen our commitment to and focus on operational training and volunteer sustainability. This new department will be called Operational Training and Volunteerism.

The Operational Training and Volunteerism department will be headed up by an Executive Manager who will report directly to the CEO.The Executive Manager will provide leadership, advocacy and consultation and planning in implementing a range of strategies and programs to support volunteer engagement and sustainability. They will also be responsible for the strategy and vision for CFA’s operational training, development program and facilities.

Another senior position that we will establish will be an Executive Manager of Performance and Assurance.  This also aligns to the outcomes of the Royal Commission.

This appointment will ensure that CFA has an ongoing quality assurance and review approach, which is critical in addressing the initial areas of focus of the Royal Commission and other change priorities for CFA.  The Executive Manager Performance and Assurance will report to the Director Finance and Administration.

The Performance and Assurance group will also work with the Chief Officer and his team to review and improve process and service delivery outcomes.  The group will be particularly active across all relevant and priority aspects of CFA’s operational service delivery in the lead up to the 2011 fire season.

The Performance and Assurance group will develop and evolve to introduce a quality assurance framework and review agenda for the organisation, fostering a quality and continuous improvement culture and approach. It will provide expertise and focus to the ongoing quality review and improvement of key areas of service delivery.

The role will work collaboratively and with influence across the Board, Audit & Risk Committee and Executive Management Team to ensure continuity, consistency and achievement of real improvements arising from critical business service review activities.

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